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The Cimarroncita Experience refreshes with
the restorative values of nature, extraordinary
peace and quiet, and the spirit of adventure.


Fish the extraordinary private Dream Water of the Cimarron River.

Details and Rates.

Combine fishing days on the River with heritage lodging and delicious meals.

The Dream Water of the Cimarron River is among the finest private water fly fishing in the Southwest. Arrive at Cimarroncita's River Cabin on the morning of your scheduled arrival day, orient yourself to the River, check into your lodging and discover the Cimarroncita grounds and facilities. Our fishing guides transform a day on the river into a spectacular fly fishing experience. Your fly fishing adventure starts as soon as you are ready, fishing mornings and afternoons, with delicious meals served in Frijoles Dining Hall or on the banks of the Cimarron River. Your last full day on the river ends with a white linen Cimarron River Cowboy Cookout, followed by a campfire and a stunning view of the night sky. Your departure day begins with "last catch" fishing in the morning, a late breakfast followed by a relaxed departure at mid-day.

See Dream Water Fly Fishing page for more information about our Fishing Program.

Minimum two-night stay recommended.
Inquire about single night availabilty.
Extend your stay to up to five nights.

$250 per day per person
All inclusive rate includes lodging, meals, and daily fishing with river assistant.
Additional: NM tax and gratuities.
Professional Fly Fishing Guides are recommended through referral and scheduling by Cimarroncita.

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Gather together with CRC friends.

Details and rates.

Come home to Cimarroncita for a weekend with CRC friends.

Smell the sweet sage-filled air and bask in the warm Northern New Mexico sunshine. Your three night stay at Cimarroncita will be filled with optional activites fit for a Navajo or Hopi, Cowboy or Ranger, with campfire songs under the CRC night sky and memories of days gone by. An unstructured visit with campers and counselors from near and far offers a simple framework of activities. The CRC memories are yours to experience.

All inclusive rates include heritage lodging, meals from arrival to departure, pre dinner gatherings and evening campfires.

During your stay you will have the the chance to visit with CRC friends, soak up the sun and the scent of sage and of afternoon rainshowers, simply enjoy the place you've had in the back of your mind since those childhood summers. Let the memories flow back as you explore once again the meadows, hills, trails, river and campfires. Pick the same wildflowers, relax in Trading Post Park, scramble up Hopi and Navajo Hill, hike to Minnit's Meadow and up Kiva Canyon, picnic on the Cimarron River and discover yourself in the rich history of The Cimarroncita Archives.

Come on your own and meet up with CRC friends, come together as a group, or introduce your family to your special place.

Summer 2011 -- schedule your own reunion dates

Rates are discounted for CRC campers, staff and families
$450 per person
$100 children ages 4 to 11
All inclusive rate includes three nights lodging, all meals from arrival to departure, selected optional activities including guided hiking, and the Cimarroncita evening campfire.
Additional: Gratuities, NM Tax

For more details contact Hadley
by email info@cimarroncita.com or telephone 866-376-2482

Submit your reservation inquiry now.


Guided hiking, horseback riding, field camps and conservation works.

Details and rates.

Cimarroncita’s history is filled with nature expedition and adventure of the back country. The geology of this valley of the Sange de Cristo range of the Southern Rocky Mountains fascinates the expert and intrigues the novice. Nature offers up its spectacular summer show of wildflowers, its wide range of diverse wildlife, and the exhilaration of panoramic views from high mountain meadows. Conservation works and habitat inventories offer a deeper look at and understanding of the nature of nature.

Some believe the best way to experience the back country is with an exhilarating hike, others prefer the classic western trail ride on horseback. High in the Southern Rocky Mountains, Cimarroncita's meadows and mountains offer a broad range of terrain diversity and stunning panoramic views. At the end of a day hiking or on horseback the comforts of heritage lodging of Laguna Lodge and Isleta Cabin, delicious meals in Frijoles Dining Hall and the classic evening campfire make this a classic Rocky Mountain experience.

The Guided Nature Expedition is customized for each guest group, offering the best fit for interest, experience and appetite for adventure. Options include day hikes and trail rides, returning each day to the comfortable beds of Laguna Lodge as well as pack trips with overnight camping under the stars of Cimarroncita’s high country field camps.

Neighboring the Boy Scouts of America’s legendary Philmont Scout Ranch which offers the most challenging outdoor adventure to thousands of boy scouts each summer, Cimarroncita offers a personal private taste of the same high country excitement.

Minimum two night stay recommended.
Inquire about single-night availability.
Extend your stay to up to five nights.

All-inclusive rates include lodging, meals, pre-dinner gatherings, evening campfires, guided hiking, horseback riding and activities as selected, taxes and gratuities and are based on custom designed nature expedition adventures.

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New Mexico's legendary Cimarroncita offers a classic "roughing it deluxe" adventure travel experience through nature expeditions featuring fabulous fly fishing on the Dream Water of the Cimarron River, horse riding and hiking up into spectacular back country field camps, well-appointed heritage lodging and delicious meals. At the heart of the fabled Cimarron Canyon of northern New Mexico, between Taos and Raton.

A delightful drive through the fabled Cimarron Canyon,
arriving at Cimarroncita mid afternoon.

Anticipation of arrival at Cimarroncita escalates with your drive into the Cimarron Canyon from the east through Cimarron or from the west through Eagle Nest. The climb from Taos over the Palo Flechado Pass, winding down into and across the broad Moreno Valley and around Eagle Nest Lake is a breathtaking preface to the charms of Cimarroncita located just ahead at the heart of the Cimarron Canyon. The canyon, sculpted by the Cimarron River which flows from the Eagle Nest Dam, is 24 miles of protected land, and includes the Colin Neblett State Wildlife Area, the Cimarron River, the amazing cliff formations of The Palisades and Cimarroncita’s signature view of Baldy Mountain across the valley.

Turning off Highway 64 just east of Ute Park, Cimarroncita beckons you onto this private retreat in the midst of thousands of acres of protected land. On arrival at Cimarorncita you are greeted by hosts whose goals are to provide an experience beyond compare. Your orientation to Cimarroncita takes you first into the historic restored Laguna Lodge, constructed in 1908 as a railway wilderness resort when train travel through the Southwest brought eager tourists to discover the wilderness of the American West. A broad screen porch surrounds Laguna Lodge, your room is cool and quiet, with the comfort of fine bed linens. Frijoles, the historic dining hall constructed with the lodge in 1908, provides dining room service with white linen and fine china, a well-stocked library of books, games, and puzzles. Cimarroncita’s cooks serve up hearty meals. The Kiva and other buildings of the main compound are included in your orientation before the social hour begins at The Trading Post Park, where guests relax in adirondack chairs and early evening cocktails are served al fresco.

Dinner is served in Frijoles, with the fireplace aglow, surrounded by an original 1930s mural which decorates the dining room walls. An after-dinner cigar, a fine cognac, the sounds of nature, the night sky and tall tales are enjoyed around the Trading Post Park campfire after dinner every evening.

A day on the Cimarron River, sighting red willow fly catchers and catching trout.

Dawn at Cimarroncita fully aligns with the Hopi notion of five stages of "sunrise": the first stage being the sense of white light, on the horizon turning softly to a brighter yellow light, evolving into a long expanse of first light, which moves into sun’s forehead, and jumps then quickly to “sunrise” as the sun finally pops as if from a toaster over the horizon. Early risers whose nature walks take them down to the River will experience each stage of sunrise, and find as companions other early morning critters, birdsong, and the intoxicating scent of early morning dew on the field sage. The Kiva is open for those whose early morning routine includes yoga or pilates exercise. Hot coffee and warm breakfast pastries are ready in Frijoles for the early risers, a full breakfast is served at 9 when the breakfast bell calls.

The Day on the Cimarron River is to experience the true wonder of the riparian world. Guided fly fishing for the experienced and the novice, with nearly two miles of Dream Water to explore, hike and fish. Birds along the river take perches high above on the upper reaches of old Cottonwoods, singing and announcing the news of the day. A picnic lunch is served at the River Cabin and Park at mid day. An evening cowboy campfire cookout under the spectacular night sky tops off a perfect day on the Cimarron River.

Hiking the back country, sleeping under the stars.

Setting off after breakfast on Day Three, your Cimarroncita guide presents the vast back country of Cimarroncita as your playground for two days. Your hiking adventure will bring you up close with wildlife including elk and deer, you will track and be tracked, examine fascinating geologic formations, scramble up steep inclines, and cross and re-cross the Cimarroncita creek. You will have lunch on the trail and arrive at the Field Camp late afternoon where you will be greeted by the Field Camp staff, tents holding the promise of a comfortable night in the wilderness, and a well-stocked chuck wagon. A fine campfire dinner is prepared and served, the campfire offers a warm backdrop for lively discussion, as the last embers glow the spectacular New Mexico night sky brightens. The scent of pinon campfire has filled your soul, being in this place of beauty, serenity and joy, at one with untouched nature.

Day Four serves up a rousing campfire breakfast, which starts early with the scent of crackling pine on the fire and camp coffee hot on the grill. The day moves quickly into hiking and exploration, concluding with return to the main Cimarroncita compound in time for evening festivities and dinner served in Frijoles.

Last catch on the Cimarron, farewell until next time.

Experience your last morning at Cimarroncita on your own, revisiting your favorite activity, be it a guided "last catch" morning on the Cimarron River, a brisk hike up into the back country wilderness, or a good long visit in Trading Post Park. We’ll pack a picnic lunch for you, and while your late morning departure will get you back to civilization by day’s end, the memory of your Cimarroncita experience will stay with you until you return again.

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Otherwise known as the Do Nothing vacation.

Details and rates.

At some time on your second day at Cimarroncita you are startled when you realize you have no idea what time it is. Then you realize you have no need to know. True relaxation.

Some guests pack their suitcase with that stack of books they have been eager to read for months, others buy a stack of fresh unopened magazines at the airport to explore and leave behind, some set up a laptop on a hill top to finish up a long-delayed short story, a yellow pad and a pencil is all others need to poke around the edges of inspired poetry. Plein air painting captures the imagination of some, others prefer the ambition of a back roads exploration of watering holes and collectible shops. Or, as some guests have found, do nothing and get everything.

Relaxation offers a state of mind that allows opportunity to emerge. Whether the treat is a day of solitude or a good long visit with a rarely-seen favorite relative, its all here at Cimarroncita. Your trip, your relaxation.

Minimum two night stay
Extend your stay to up to five nights.
Single night bookings may be permitted as availability allows.

$150 per day per person
All-inclusive rate includes lodging, meals, pre-dinner gatherings, evening campfires.
Additional: NM tax and gratuities.

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Explore the history, culture and adventure of Northern New Mexico.

Details and rates.


July 3 - 9, 2011
Headquarter at Cimarroncita and Explore the North of New Mexico

“The High Road” / Cimarron Rodeo / Taos Pueblo /
Art of the Southwest / The Santa Fe Trail / Las Vegas /
Santa Fe Tour / A Night at the Opera /
International Folk Art Market and Museum Hill

With a clear blue sky, gentle afternoon showers, the scent of sage and of campfire, the West is alive in Northern New Mexico. This Road Trip Adventure starts in Santa Fe, heads up the "high road", gives you a fascinating schedule of discoveries and explorations in the North of New Mexico while headquartered at Cimarroncita, and returns to Santa Fe via the historic route of the Santa Fe Trail. Fly into Albuquerque or Santa Fe and rent your car -- or drive over from a neighboring state -- meet your escort tour guide in Santa Fe and begin the Cimarroncita Road Trip Adventure. Enjoy the heritage lodging and delicious meals of Cimarroncita while discovering the riches of the North of New Mexico.


July 3 / Sunday: Start your Road Trip on the “High Road”
Meet your tour guide and escort in Santa Fe and begin your Road Trip Adventure. Guests drive their own cars, accompanied by a guide and escort vehicle. Drive the “High Road” north through the villages of Northern New Mexico, to Chimayo, Truchas, Trampas, and beyond, continuing through stunning scenery and historic landmarks. Check in at Cimarroncita in time for dinner and evening campfire.

July 4 / Monday: Legendary Cimarron Fourth of July Rodeo
Experience the local Rodeo in the Old West town of Cimarron, one of the oldest Rodeos in the US which draws the best local cowboys and a special Fourth of July celebration. Enjoy cowboy dancing and good old-time Western fun. Return to Cimarroncita for dinner and evening campfire.

July 5 / Tuesday: Pioneer Spirit: the Santa Fe Trail and its Legends
The legends of the Santa Fe Trail, the magical place where the Rockies meet the Plains, Kit Carson’s Rayado Outpost, Maxwell Bird Sanctuary, the Bison Pastures, and more fill this day with discoveries of the Old West. Return to Cimarroncita for dinner and evening campfire.

July 6 / Wednesday: Taos: The Taos Pueblo and The Taos Art Colonies
Experience the centuries-old Taos Pueblo with an exclusive tour and a private lunch prepared at the Pueblo. Continue exploring the modern day town of Taos where the Art of Taos is featured with guided visits to public museums and private collections. Visit The Harwood Art Museum with galleries exhibiting works of the Taos Society of Artists and the Taos Moderns, a unique gallery devoted to works of Agnes Martin, as well as an important collection of Hispanic works that covers a broad range of the historic traditions of northern New Mexico. The Milicent Rogers Museum features a stunning collection of native american art, pottery and jewlery. Return to Cimarroncita for special Cookout dinner and last campfire.

July 7 / Thursday: Return to Santa Fe via Santa Fe Trail Route
Back on the road, returning to Santa Fe via the historic route of The Santa Fe Trail, with stops at a working ranch, an historic U.S. Calvary Fort site, a national heritage park and villages along the way, with a lunch stop at a landmark hotel in downtown Las Vegas, the historic commercial and railroad hub of the area. Arrive Santa Fe in the evening, check into your hotel, and enjoy dinner on your own in Santa Fe. Overnight in Santa Fe.

July 8 / Friday: Santa Fe, A Journey Through Time and the Santa Fe Opera
Expand your knowledge of the cultural center of the Southwest with a full day tour of the oldest capital in the U.S. with its art museums, galleries and historic sites downtown. Attend the Santa Fe Opera performance of La Boehme. Overnight in Santa Fe.

July 9 / Saturday: Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market and Museum Hill
Tour and shop the International Folk Art Market, the only one of its kind in the world, with an Early Bird Ticket, starting at 7.30 am for as long as you wish. The Museums on Museum Hill where the Market takes place are free. This concludes your Road Trip Tour.

All inclusive price per person: $1350 plus tax and gratuities

A collaboration of Cimarroncita and Seven Directions Cultural and Sustainable Tours based in Santa Fe.

Contact Cimarroncita for details and reservations.

Contact www.SevenDirections.net for details and reservations.


A custom-designed tour provides an opportunity to build your own itinerary and select options that interest each person in the group. For example, some may wish to fish and hike, others may decide to visit Taos and its galleries, shops and cafes, while another group may choose to spend an inspiring day exploring Cimarroncita's high country meadows and vistas with a classic Western Trail Ride. Nearly anything is possible with the custom-designed tour; with our special concierge services our goal is to offer the Cimarroncita guest the best possible experience for each person in your group. See more details and information.

Custom Group Tours can be designed and booked with the option of exclusive use of Cimarroncita lodging and dining facilities.

All-inclusive rates include lodging, meals, pre-dinner gatherings, evening campfires, and day trips, taxes and gratuities. Custom designed tour rates are based on custom designed explorations and activities.

Submit your reservation inquiry now.


Develop your skills in New Mexico's stunning and historic Cimarron Range.

Details and rates.

August 25 - 28, 2011: Where the Mountains Meet the Plains

September 24 - 27, 2011: Autumn Brilliance

Legendary photographers have made their mark with images of New Mexico -- always a combination of the artist's eye, an adventuresome spirit, a percolating imagination, and the spectacular light and stunning landscape of Northern New Mexico. These two photography workshops, led by Taos photographers Steve Immel and Daryl Black, offer the Place, the History and the People as well as sound experienced guidance to take your photography to another level.

The workshops offer the opportunity to develop your photographic skills, learn to see more and to use that vision to create dynamic,thought-provoking images. The first workshop occurs in mid-August when the wildflowers are ablaze, the second in late September when fall foliage peaks in the high country. Workshops begin on Thursday afternoon and end at midday Sunday.

A photography workshop in the rarified air of historic Cimarroncita is like no other. Situated in the heart of the Cimarron Canyon just west of Cimarron where the Rockies meet the Plains, Cimarroncita is the perfect base for photographing the majesty of New Mexico's mountains, rangeland and ghost towns.


This workshop takes you to the majestic mountain vistas and broad plains that have made Northern New Mexico an artist's mecca for a hundred years. The juxtaposition of mountains rising to 13,000 feet and great rangelands that stretch forever eastward make this photographic experience unique.

AUTUMN BRILLIANCE September 24 - 27, 2011

This workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to capture the vibrancy of fall folliage in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the eastern plains of Northern New Mexico. You will find that the bold golden colors of The Enchanted Circle and southern Rockies rival the best of New England's beauty.

For questions and more details about the photography program contact:
STEVE IMMEL www.steveimmelphotography.com Phone: 575-751-1037
DARYL BLACK www.blackscrossing.com Phone: 575-741-1244

Make your reservations and bookings through Cimarroncita
Use our contact form or call 1-866-376-2482.

$795 per person
All-inclusive rates include all program activities, lodging and all meals at Cimarroncita, pre-dinner gatherings, and evening campfires. Gratuities and taxes added at time of booking.
Group pricing available.

Submit your reservation inquiry now.


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