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Conservation of the lands, waters and wildlife.
Preservation of the place and its rich history.

Together these are the heart and soul of Cimarroncita.

People have walked softly leaving no trace here forever.

We honor this past and strive to ensure that the same strong truth is carried into the future.

We are committed to the conservation and sustainable management of the wildlands, waters and wildlife of Cimarroncita; the preservation and restoration of historic structures and sites through the use of sustainable practices, products and materials; an expanded tradition of nature tourism and outdoor recreation offered commercially to the public; and stewardship inspiration and education through the "living laboratory" and summer camps of the non-profit organization, Cimarron Conservation Camp. We are planning for the future of Cimarroncita's conservation and preservation.

Your patronage offers affirmation and participation in these goals. We are honored and thank you for choosing Cimarroncita as your place to experience nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

Minnette Burges and Alan Huerta

Contact us to learn how you can join us and become involved in these efforts.

Read about Cimarroncita history.

Environmentally sound practices at Cimarroncita.

In establishing and implementing environmentally sound operational practices we have discovered that the contemporary sustainability movement harkens to historical approaches, procedures and processes. Three brief examples: Historic gardens at Cimarroncita have been revived and are a primary source for our organic kitchen including herbs and seasonal vegetables and fruit. These gardens are watered with creek water and rainfall. During the summer rains runoff is managed to its best use and to avoid erosion and siltation in our creek and the Cimarron River. Outdoor night lighting has always been kept at a minimum as the night sky is so bright often nothing more is necessary. Our forest is managed as a "specific use" resource and any harvest is for a use planned in advance.

At Cimarroncita we combine the best practices of the past with the products and opportunities of the present in implementing environmentally sound operational practices. Many of these goals are in place, and others are a core part of our planning for future restoration work and rebuilding.

Cimarroncita is actively engaged in practices to implement sustainability goals:
Minimize domestic water use through use of low flow products.
Maximize rainwater management through diverstion practices.
Reduce net electrical usage through low watt light bulbs.
Promote and engage in low impact recreational activities.
Practice and promote Cimarron River watershed health.
Practice and promote "leave no trace" philosophy.
Salvage and recycle building and other materials.
Grow our own organic herbs and vegetables.
Support providers of locally grown products.
Harvest and preserve our own fruit products.
Limit use of vehicles on the ranch.
Maximize natural day lighting.


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