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Dedicated to the finest in service
and to your excellent stay at Cimarroncita.

Alán Huerta
Operations / Conservationist

“Our goal is to provide our guests with first class service and elegant amenities in this wilderness setting. Heritage lodging, delicious meals, the stunning landscape, private water fly fishing, high country hiking and the clear Rocky Mountain air all combine here to offer our guests a very special experience.”
-- Alán Huerta

Alán directs and supervises all guest services and operations at Cimarroncita. With his years of experience dedicated to preservation of Cimarroncita's historic buildings and conservation of the lands, wildlife and watershed, he has a unique understanding of the special experience awaiting each guest. His avid interest in conservation extends beyond the ranch where Alán participates in federal and state funded landscape scale restoration projects with the Cimarron Watershed Alliance, a conservation non-profit organization engaged in protection and enhancement of northern New Mexico watershed.

Bennett Strahan

"The Cimarroncita Kitchen is literally in the middle of nowhere -- we consider this an opportunity and take pride in providing fabulous meals using the freshest of ingredients including produce and herbs from our kitchen garden. We design our menu and each meal with a gourmet attitude. Guests are often surprised when they realize the meals served in this wilderness outpost are as fine as they could find any place." -- Bennett Strahan

Bennett has a lifetime of culinary experience to draw on, beginning with his days as a student of architecture at the Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West School of Architecture where he learned the basics of cooking while working in the kitchen. An element of the school's program was summer study in Europe which took Bennett to Lugano, Switzerland where he fine-tuned his culinary skills with professional chefs of Europe. Bennett's professional work focusing on hotel, hospitality and resort architecture continued to introduce him to the work of fine chefs around the world. His rich life experience informs Bennett's delighted approach to designing and cooking meals for Cimarroncita guests.

Hadley Castaneda
Reservations and Bookings

“Our personalized reservation services ensure that each guest has the opportunity to learn about our offerings, including all aspects of lodging, dining and recreation options. While our website has extensive information, I work to implement each guest's customized visit. I especially enjoy designing group gatherings at Cimarroncita, and assisting in planning details and activities." -- Hadley Castaneda

Hadley has spent many years working in the hospitality industry and has brought her experience to Cimarroncita. First working with guests at Cimarroncita during the summer season, and now operating our bookings and reservations, she continually strives to provide excellent customer service. Hadley resides primarily in Tucson, Arizona with her family, and handles all bookings and reservations for Cimarroncita from our off-season office. She specializes in building your group or special event reservation, always considering special requests as the utmost priority with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Minnette Burges
Historian / Preservationist

"Cimarroncita's history informs its present and inspires its future. We have preserved this historic recreation property and are dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of the lands, waters and wildlife for future generations. Cimarroncita offers a unique guest experience 'roughing it deluxe' at this outpost in the mountain wilderness of historic northern New Mexico. It is truly our pleasure to be your host." -- Minnette Burges

Minnette has deep family roots with Cimarroncita dating to the 1930's; she has intimate knowledge of this place, its history and its stewardship. She ensures the authentic character of Cimarroncita and creates innovative details of the guest experience. Minnette directs the Cimarroncita Archives while planning for the future and the legacy of Cimarroncita.


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